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Travels of Angelica  at Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park















Cincinnati Enquirer

Jacki Demaline wrote:

'Angelica' attains Acclaim

By Jackie • February 8, 2009

"Travels of Angelica," in its world premiere at Playhouse in the Park through Feb. 15, is a double Acclaim winner…Heather Wood is recognized for Equity supporting performance as a mentally challenged girl who is a pawn in a 17th-century adventure.”





Travels of Angelica
Heather Wood
Equity Outstanding Supporting Performance


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Cincinnati Journal News


Richard O Jones wrote:

‘Travels of Angelica’ creates theater magic


“Travels of Angelica” takes place in two different worlds….The “back story” takes place in 1657, first in England where Alexander Crumpler (Erik Lochtefeld) flees an angry mob with his mentally-challenged teen-age daughter, Lucia (Heather Wood). Faced with charges of sedition for his political writings, he flees to America and disappears…The acting is solid throughout, especially in Wood’s portrayal of the child-minded teenager Lucia…”


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St Michael Defender


”.daughter Lucia (Heather Wood wondrously playing a slow 15-year-old)”


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Cincinnati  Citybeat


Romeo and Juliet at The Old Globe, San Diego









San Diego Union Tribune

"But as Juliet, Heather Wood stands out from the start.


“Fresh-faced and innocent as we first meet her (Seer actually has her blowing bubbles, a clever visual touch), she transforms impressively into a determined and sure-footed presence as the play goes on.

Wood's Juliet opens the play's second half with a powerful and moving monologue, and when she receives the news that Romeo has killed Tybalt, she gives herself over to a seething roil of emotions.

In a subsequent moment, when Juliet defies her outraged father by refusing to marry the nobleman Paris, you can see this once-flighty girl

grow up before your eyes."


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sandiego.com on Heather in  Romeo and Juliet

Welton Jones wrote:


“...only Heather Wood’s

Juliet truly sparkles. A tiny, delicious, plucky treasure, she makes

believable all the fuss over her precious person and launches herself

into her unexpected new life without hesitation.”


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North County Times on Heather in  Romeo and Juliet


"Entering sweetly with a bubble-pipe, Wood's Juliet also grows to maturity and courage, thanks to her love for this son of her parents' enemy. She speaks clearly, if plainly in the "Holy Palmers" sonnet in which the pair first encounter one another. Looking like the young Julie Christie, she's wonderfully radiant and smitten in the first so-called balcony scene where she outdoes Romeo in affection, telling him she vowed her heart ‘before thou didst request it.’

In her shenanigans with her nurse, her girlish affection for her father, her directness about not wanting to marry Paris, she's a delightful mix of innocence and independence right through to the frankly erotic monologue and zigzagging emotions with which she opens the second act."


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trainwreckunion.com on Heather in Romeo and Juliet

Jack Morgan wrote:


“...there were diamonds in the rough. Fresh-faced Heather Wood was delightful and tragic.

She navigated the emotions Juliet so well that she played the stage like a carousel horse, hitting every golden ring perfectly. Laughs and tears for her, indeed. Watch that one.

Catch her blowing bubbles when she makes her first entrance.”


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Misalliance at Publick Theatre, MA


The Boston Globe on Heather in Misalliance

Louise Kennedy wrote:


Heather Wood makes Hypatia a picture of frustrated energy, bursting

to escape the strictures of young-ladyhood.”


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The Patriot Ledger on Heather in Misalliance

"Heather Wood makes Hypatia into a sprightly young lady, mercurial, energetic and most engaging"

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The Boston Phoenix on Heather in Misalliance

"Heather Wood is animatedly engaging as the spirited Hypatia."


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Our Town at Trinity Repertory Company

PMPNetwork on Heather in Our Town

"Wood plays Rebecca Gibbs and an on-the-edge, Mrs. Soames. Wood delivers some very

witty dialogue while hitting the correct emotional marks."


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